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Customised Quicksand Liquid Phone Case

Customised Quicksand Liquid Phone Case

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Unleash your creativity with our Custom Liquid Phone Case, where you can design your phone case exactly the way you want it. It's like having a piece of your world with you wherever you go. Transform your cherished memories, loved ones, friends, and even your beloved pets into stickers that gracefully float within the phone case. The liquid inside creates a mesmerizing flowing effect that's not only fun and cute but also profoundly meaningful.

Personalize it further by adding your name, turning this phone case into the ultimate signature of your unique style. Alternatively, this makes for a one-of-a-kind gift that speaks volumes to your loved ones. Bring your creative ideas to life and have endless fun with our Custom Liquid Phone Case. It's your world, encapsulated in one stunning case.

These cases are made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly material called PET(recyclable), an extremely durable material made of a mixture of soft silicone and hard plastic, which can protect your iPhone against bumps, drops and scratches.

Custom Details:
You can customize the following with our phone cases:

✅Liquid Color/ Glitter Powder Color

✅Custom Stickers (8pcs to 13pieces)

✅Custom Name, Logo, or Image Printing on the Phone Case

✅Background Printing

Sticker Size(can be adjusted):

13pcs of stickers(1.5-2cm)


Please note that due to the custom handmade nature of our liquid phone cases, refunds and returns are not available after payment is made.

Please be aware that our processing time is between 7-10 days, and shipping typically takes an additional 7-12 days. The total estimated delivery time will range from 14-22 days. Please keep this in mind before proceeding with your payment.

Once we've received your payment and custom requests (including images, colors, names, logos, or image printing), we'll create a preview for your approval. After you confirm the preview, we'll proceed with making your order, and at that point, the design cannot be revised. Please make sure to review the preview carefully before confirming.

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